About Us

The 420 Company is a Florida-based company specializing in the development and research of products relating to mechanical apparatuses and assemblies; more specifically Tobacco related products.  The 420 Company is operated with the goal to provide its clients with dedicated and skilled personnel that are focused on quality, rather than quantity.

At The 420 Company, excellence is imperative.

The team at The 420 Company strives to achieve our clients' goals by utilizing accumulated years of experience and expertise in the industry.

As such, our team is well equipped to further develop and expand the use and implementation of your product(s) to maximize the potential it deserves. Since our clients' satisfaction is the ultimate barometer to our performance, our team at The 420 Company is constantly monitoring the changes in the Tobacco industry to provide state-of-the art development and marketing strategies that are extremely advantageous to our clients.

The focus of product development and research in the areas of:

  • Tobacco product carrying equipment
  • Tobacco product protective equipment
  • Tobacco product safety equipment

The Corporate Goal of The 420 Company is to offer our customers services and products that will assist their everyday experiences. We strive to produce great quality and advanced ingenuity to our products and brand.